Let’s Get This Started Again (Slow Social Media Newsletter)


As I said earlier, the last 36 hours or so has seen a sheer quantity of conspiracy thinking that’s breathtaking to behold. (Not in a good way.)

Postal Voting and Project Veritas

It’s been clear for some time that the key misinformation narrative for the election is about mail-in ballots. Trump himself and the (official and unofficial) Trump campaign have been shouting about this as loudly as possible for weeks if not months now. Of course, all the fact checkers and political scientists will tell you that in reality there is a small chance of errors, just like there is with in-person voting. But it’s nowhere near the level described by Trump et al. And in times of a global pandemic, surely being able to post in your vote makes perfect sense for a lot of people, particularly those who are vulnerable to the disease. (Like Trump and many of his voters.)

The Debate

All this, and we haven’t even got to the debate yet.



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